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21 Dec 2011

Testosterone is an important male hormone and fountain of the youth whose quantity starts decreasing with age. Testosterone has a great role in increasing muscle size, reducing body fats, increasing bone density, and enhancing libido. Low Testosterone levels affect these functions of the body and require proper treatments and measurements. Many treatments are available to overcome its deficiency that includes steroids, use of HGH, and testosterone replacement therapies. Number of people look for natural ways to maintain and increase testosterone level because of its side effects in using testosterone supplements.

Proper diet and exercise are the natural ways to increase testosterone levels in the body without making any use of its...

21 Nov 2011

As Women experience a stage of Menopause, similarly, men also go through the phases of menopause, and it is known as Andropause. This change happens when the male is in his thirties and experience symptoms, which are similar to the menopause such as weight gain and mood swings.

Some other symptoms that men experience are decrease in the mental alertness, decrease in the sexual activity and energy levels. Decrease in the muscle tone occurs due to decline in the level of testosterone. HGH Therapy is more effective than Testosterone Replacement in treating the symptoms of Andropause.

Testosterone is an important and vital hormone in men as it plays a key role in the growth and development of a normal male and helps in maintaining...