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21 Dec 2011

Testosterone is an important male hormone and fountain of the youth whose quantity starts decreasing with age. Testosterone has a great role in increasing muscle size, reducing body fats, increasing bone density, and enhancing libido. Low Testosterone levels affect these functions of the body and require proper treatments and measurements. Many treatments are available to overcome its deficiency that includes steroids, use of HGH, and testosterone replacement therapies. Number of people look for natural ways to maintain and increase testosterone level because of its side effects in using testosterone supplements.

Proper diet and exercise are the natural ways to increase testosterone levels in the body without making any use of its medications.

Role of exercises in increasing Testosterone:
Numbers of studies are conducted to find the ways of increasing testosterone naturally with exercises and foods.
Exercises have a great role in increasing testosterone levels. Weight lifters have higher level of testosterone and enjoy its benefits. According to the research, by doing exercises, testosterone levels increases more than the motions of weight lifting. Testosterone level increases if you use the greatest volume of existing muscles to your maximum level of intensity within each exercise. They found that
“Muscle mass x exercise intensity = maximum testosterone increase”.
Leg and back muscles are large and exercising these areas will increase more testosterone levels.

Role of Diet in increasing T levels:
Balanced diet including proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables makes good health. However, some particular diet help in increasing muscle mass and t levels. Foods containing zinc must be taken that include oysters, red meat, chicken, turkey, beans and dairy products. Onions, garlic, and cabbage are also good for increasing testosterone.


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