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19 Dec 2011

In young age, you eat french-fries, burgers, milkshakes, etc., but the body does not gain weight due to surplus amounts of Human Growth Hormone that increases height and avoid you from weight gain. However, the problem comes when your body starts losing HGH, as a result, body starts to gain weight. HGH Human Growth hormone supplements are helpful in retaining the level of HGH in the body that causes weight loss.

Human Growth Hormone increases the amount of IGF-1 hormone that is released by the liver. When you eat something, the pancreas releases insulin that changes carbohydrates into glucose. This glucose is stored in the fat cells that are used for energy by the body. The IGF-1 prevents insulin from preserving this glucose in cells, which compel your body to burn fat for energy.

Human body uses glucose for making energy, while Human Growth Hormone compels the body to use energy from fat reserves that causes weight loss. It also compels you to eat more food without increasing weight.

Some other benefits of human growth hormone include its ability to make new muscle cells and increase muscle density. It raises energy levels in the body and can lose weight without exercise. Its levels start decreasing after the age of puberty. Therefore, it is advised to take required measures to maintain its level for smooth functioning.


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