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24 Aug 2011

Website design is a process, which moves sensibly from one stage to the next. It is possible to get off the right track in professional web design if you miss any step. Here are the complete steps that will keep you in the right direction while designing a web.

The first stage in website designing is planning. If you do not plan, you can get off the right track and can involve in the world of new technologies and flashy gadgets. You should keep in mind the purpose of your site. Make the statement defining the purpose and goal of the site. Also, keep an eye at the content requirements.

In the second stage, work out at all the details like proposal of timeframes, prices, and other related things. Ask about all the queries and ensure you are getting exactly what you need from your design. If you are designing the web yourself then write down all the specifics of the project.

In the third stage, you have to define your target audience. You need to research for it. You should know the purpose of using your site by the visitors. This step is very important and can take much time, but you need to cover this stage successfully as it is very important one.

Building stage comes then, which is quite easy. In this stage, the content will be added and the layout twinge to make sure it looks good on all operating systems.

Next is testing stage, which is very important to test the site on different browsers and operating systems. Then launch the site.


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