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27 Jun 2011

What is the main suffering of any woman when she goes upward with aging? Menopause, yes it is the natural happening with every women after she crosses the age limit of 40-50 years. Symptoms of menopause make the life real miserable if not treated in the best possible manner and also at right time. Before going for any kind of treatment, it is important to determine what the major symptoms are and how these affect the life of a woman? Read the lines below for more detail:

A woman with declining hormones especially estrogen may suffer from hot flashes that may stay for short to prolonged time periods. The affected areas of hot flashes are neck and face. Sometimes the entire upper portion of a woman’s body may suffer from blotches. 

Sweating during night time. These are also kind of hot flashes that occur only at night time. A person may perspire profusely while sleeping. 

Estrogen deficiency also makes women suffering from vaginal dryness. This condition causes sexual intercourse to be painful. Walls of vagina lose moisture, thickness, and elasticity. This symptom can also be tackled with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Women look ugly with overgrown hair at face that is common among women with low estrogen levels. This over growth is also possible with more testosterone release in a woman’s body. With declining estrogen, testosterone levels increase and allow facial hair to grow.

Balder and urethra of a woman also lose the muscle tone with reduced estrogen production inside body. A woman may suffer from excess of urination that becomes uncontrollable in some cases. This urination leakage occurs at laughing, coughing, and lifting heavy material. 

Along with above mentioned issues, low estrogen also causes sleep apnea and a disturbance for cardiac muscles. Consulting an expert physician will help you in reaching the best possible solution for balanced hormones.


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