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21 Mar 2011

There are many elements to guarantee a successful journey of a website. Experienced web developers and designers might be well aware of majority of them, but if you are a rookie in the field, you need expert advice. Quite often, people believe that they know how to design an attractive website themselves, but find themselves in quicksand soon after. This leads them to Website Redesign.

Given below are some of the most important factors that can help you with effectively designing/redesigning your website in a way that it receives high internet traffic for a successful and profiting online experience.

Introduce yourself well

Somehow, significant majority of websites assume that visitors must be well acquainted with their company, its products and services, which is not very true. Make sure that your home page contains effective introduction of your website stating its purpose and a list of products and services to help people develop good understanding of what your site is all about.

Design to cater your visitors’ expectations

Design your site in a visitor friendly manner, providing visitors what they expect. You can do this by identifying the trends and behaviors of visitors in your particular business domain, and come up with a design that caters the needs of visitors as they expect it to.

Minimizing the Click Stream

Statistics show that more than 80% of visitors leave a page where they feel they need to click more than they want to reach a particular piece of information. So, shape up your site in a manner that it offers people what they want with minimum number of clicks involved.

Try to be Search Engine Friendly

Designing your site following SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines is the key to success in current online scenario. It helps you become visible for search engines, thus receiving high internet traffic, fulfilling the purpose of developing a site in the first place.



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