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6 Jan 2011


Web design and development is considered a very vast term in terms of performing its tasks.  Those websites are functionally efficient whose look and design is touchy or impressive with user friendliness. Only design is not sufficient to describe the functionality of a web page.

Actually the appearance of web page is its design and its functionality is its development. In old days web design and development was a limited term because of only a few factions or features could be added in to a web page. Now designing and development of a site are two different full time jobs.  In order to achieve in this field, it requires some serious efforts.


Web designers and developers work very closely together, as both working fields are closely disentangled with each other. For making a successful website both must play their role in an effective way to achieve excellence.

When you go to a web service firm for creating new website, design of the site is finalized by expert designers. After finalizing the web design, site is handed over to web developers to create those pages. Web developers use coding to create new pages.

Web developers and designers use advance tools for performing their tasks. Web developers use coding software like PHP, joomla, Java etc. Website designers use variety of available softwares for creating their artistic design pieces like Dream weaver, Adobe photo shop etc. These tools are used for creating animated content.



Chetaru | 8 years 12 months ago
thanks for given this information
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