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30 Oct 2012
In the conventional business market, a business can survive by having a physical office and marketing with the help of billboards and news advertisements. However, when it comes to online world, it’s the website of the business that is the face of the business.

Businesses are very cautious when it comes to website designs. They want the best website design that is effective for their business. The website can be made effective if it is more attractive. The lines below give the ways in which a website can be made attractive.

The first factor that makes a website attractive in the eyes of a user is the speed of the website. If the website loads in no time, and takes user to the desired page instantly. Then user will explore several pages of the website instead of just visiting a single page and leaving it if the website were slow.

Target Market Focus:
The focus of a website must be on the target audience. Only this way can a website be made attractive to the users. When designing a website, the business must try to incorporate the features that facilitate the target audience instead of offering its own perspective.

Simple Navigation:
Thirdly, the offering of simple navigation is another major attraction in a website. The more simple navigation a website offers, more easily would the user be able to browse through the website and look for desired information. Thus, simple navigation is another attraction that lets website become effective.

Quality Content:
Fourthly, it’s the content that makes a website different from the others. The better written and quality the content of the website, more will it catch the eye of the prospects and help them reach a decision. Therefore, the need of quality content must always be emphasized upon.

In short, quality content, simple navigation, focus on target market, and speed are the factors that make a website attractive to the user.


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