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15 Jun 2012
A website is considered the forefront where the business interacts with its customers. Moreover, a website is also a representation of the brand; therefore, a business needs to be as cautious with its website as it is with its brand.

Smart businesses understand the gravity of web design; therefore, they hire professional web designers. However, there are businesses that make the mistake of hiring amateur designers. The lines below give a brief detail of the mistakes which amateurs make, and which the professional designers must avoid.
  • There should be neither too much content on a website that it looks stuffed with content everywhere, nor be there too little content which would make it hard for the visitor to find any relevant information.
  • The navigation should be kept clean and simple. There should be no puzzling in the navigation, so that the visitor arriving at the website can easily find the item of desire, and if the person wishes to browse the website more, it could be done easily.
  • The use of Flash is another mistake that should not be made. Although it makes the website look catchy and glamorous, but it seriously slows down the loading of page, which results in visitor looking for alternate options.
  • In designing the website a designer needs not to be pushy to the visitor. If the website is good the visitor himself would come back, therefore, there is no need for external links.
  • The website should be aesthetically pleasing. This does not mean that it should be overdone in terms of animation, images and colors. Rather, a designer should stay moderate in their use.
  • Absence of contact details is considered one of the major drawbacks of a website. Therefore, special heed should be paid towards ensuring that the contact details are included.
In short, the above mentioned mistakes are what differentiate a good website designer from an amateur.


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