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16 Jan 2012

Testosterone and human growth hormones are considered the remarkable and wondrous hormones of human body. They have an evident and significant role in our daily life, but their role gains more importance as our body grows older. With age, the production of these hormones declines and the affects can be seen in the form of declined sex drive, weight gain, low energy, and loss of well being.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is one of the best medical treatments in combating growth hormone deficiency. This therapy helps in combating all the issues related with the deficiency of human growth hormones and testosterone.

Testosterone hormone is prescribed to men older than 35 years in United States. Testosterone therapy significantly helps in diminishing the aging symptoms in men. The symptoms attributed to low testosterone in men are, mood swings, decreased sex drive, weigh gain, decreasing lean muscle mass, and a decline in mental clarity accompanied with low physical strength. The testosterone therapy can be conducted in ways like, tablets, gels, creams, and injections.

On the other hand, hgh hormone has a direct affect in the development of human body. It is responsible for the growth of bones, skeletal, tissues, ligaments, and maintaining of bone density. The other function associated with human growth hormone is the establishment of balance among other hormones of body. The physical appearance of a person is directly dependent on the level of hgh.

In short, both testosterone and human growth hormones are equally vital for an energetic and long lasting human body. The hormone replacement therapy can help in achieving hormonal balance when the body does not secrete these hormones regularly in a required amount.


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